Brewing Methods

Pour hot water onto coffee grounds, and extract the coffee with filter paper and filter cup. The entire brewing process takes 3 to 4 minutes. As the speed, water, and temperature of the hot water being poured are controlled by the person who does the brewing, each brew carries unique tastes. While only simple equipment is used, brewing by hand requires considerable skills and experience.

A vacuum coffee maker consists of two glass globe, one placed on top of the other, divided by a filter covered in a filter cloth. First, pour pre-heated water into the bottom globe, attach the top globe with the cloth filter placed inside it securely to the lower globe, and pour ground coffee into the top globe. Use an alcohol burner or other burner to heat up the water inside the lower globe. When the water boils, the vapor pressure forces the water to rise through the funnel. The ground coffee in the top globe comes into contact with the boiling water; it turns into mud-like texture when stirred, and gives out strong aroma. When the coffee is fully brewed, turn off the burner. The air inside the lower globe cools and creates a vacuum, and the brewed coffee draws down through the filter into the lower globe. The coffee is then poured into a pre-heated cup.

A quick and high-pressure brewing method. First, compact finely ground coffee with a tamper. The coffee grounds inside the filter should be pressed tightly into the shape of a biscuit, so as to the resist the pressure of hot water during the brewing. Under the strong pressure, the hot water permeates the the coffee grounds. As the coffee grounds are tightly pressed together, each particle is extracted evenly by the hot water and into the coffee cup. A small cup of rich and aromatic espresso is then ready.

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Our Institute’s mission to cultivate the specialty coffee culture in Hong Kong.……………………………………………………. ………………..


Specialty Coffee

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According to Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), specialty coffee is hailed to be gourmet or premium coffee.…………………………..


Coffee Cupping

Similar to wine tasting, coffee cupping is the evaluation of coffee quality by such objective standards as sweetness, acidity, bitterness, aftertaste and aroma.